Selling Belize Property

How to Sell Property in Belize

Selling property in Belize with our professionals ensures you have agents working for you!

With Keller Williams Belize, your property is marketed along several global avenues to get your property the most exposure. We work with our referral network that consist of agents from all over the world. Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in the world by agent count and has a global reach of agents in just under 60 countries. We work together for our clients to get their properties sold.

Additionally, your property will be market inside Belize to prospective buyers, agents who may have a buyer and our network of family, friends and affiliated professionals in Belize.

Our agents have the knowledge and expertise. We will work with you to price your property so that it is competitive with the current market and price trends. With our guidance, you will get your property sold at the best possible price. 

From our first meeting with you, through the closing process and final closing of your property your agent is there for you. 

The steps below provide an overview of the process you will experience when selling your property in Belize. Each of these steps are tailored to your needs and your agent will be there to address any questions at any point in the process. Do not hesitate to contact your agent. 



During the initial meeting with your agent, your agent will review your goals and what is important for you in the sale of your property. Your agent will review your expectations and set proper expectations for the overall process of how you will work together to get your property sold. The proper identification documents of the titled owners as well as the property documentation will be collected to begin the process.


As your agent reviews the market and compares your property to similar properties and the market overall, the information is used to conclude a listing price for your property. Taking into consideration all aspects of the property such as characteristics, condition of the property, its location along with other features are all considered to determine the valuation of your property. Together with your agent, all the information is reviewed and an agreed upon price to list your property is determined to begin the marketing process. Optimizing your property’s assets will ensure the best result, so your agent may make suggestions for minor fixes or renovations to give it the best showing presence during the marketing process. During this process you will enter into a listing agreement with your agent.


The promotion of your property will consist of photos and a well-crafted property description including attributes you feel best represents your property. An online presentation of your property will be added to our global websites for maximum reach. Our agents will market your property through our network, online channels to the right people at the right time optimizing the opportunity to get your property sold.


Our agents will generate buyers for your property as well as leverage other agents who may have buyers for your property. Viewings will be scheduled through your agent and facilitated so that your property gets the maximum showings possible. Our agents will handle all communications and viewings on your behalf giving you the confidence that your agent is handling the process while you go about your day-to-day activities knowing all is in order.


Should an offer to purchase be presented to your agent, your agent will immediately share ALL offers with you. Your agent will review the offer and make suggestions on how best to respond to the offer. One of three things may happen, you will make the decision to accept the offer, provide a counteroffer through your agent or reject the offer. You and your agent will review the offer together and come to the best conclusion based on all the circumstances surrounding the offer to purchase. Should you decide to accept the offer, your agent will facilitate the final signing of the offer with you. Should you decide to counter the offer, your agent will do so and continue to negotiate the offer on your behalf to come to an agreed upon solution. Should you decide to reject the offer outright with no counter, your agent will deliver the information to the buyer’s agent and determine next steps.


Having agreed upon a price to sell your property as well as the conditions of the sale, the contract will be signed. Your agent will then deliver your property and personal due diligence to the appropriate closing agent named through the process that will handle the escrow and closing process.


At this point the closing agent will work with you and the buyer directly to collect the necessary information and signatures on closing documents required by Belize Property Transfer laws to finalize your sale. The closing agent will also facilitate the escrow account for the financial obligations of the process. Be assured, your agent is always there for you should you have any questions or need assistance.