Our Leader

Macarena Rose - Keller Williams Belize Operating Principal

Macarena Rose is the Keller Williams Operating Principal for the country of Belize. She and her team facilitate Keller Williams Realty throughout the country of Belize.

Macarena first ventured to Belize a couple decades ago as the Director of her Church to teach Reiki classes. It only took her 3 days to realize she was moving to Belize.

Her origins are in the healing arts where she holds knowledge and skills as a Reiki Master and several other modalities of healing practices. She is a cancer survivor who developed and received a utility patent on her PropUp Pillow which is used to reduce the occurrences of acid reflux in the esophagus during sleep. She sleeps on her pillow to this day.

After moving to Belize with 2 teenagers and 10 rescue animals, she quickly discovered there was a need for real estate services in Belize that focuses on the buyer needs, vision and fit. With the absence of real estate licensing laws, one of Macarena's first real estate endeavors in Belize was to contact the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in Chicago to determine how to bring Belize as a country into the international division of the trade organization. 

Macarena saw this as a great opportunity for those in Belize who wanted to practice real estate at a high level of customer service. Additionally this opportunity provided a platform for those wishing to learn about ethics and integrity in real estate transactions as well as the opportunity for training in representation of clients and general real estate practices overall. This platform provided great value and self development opportunities for those agents who are serious about proper Buyer and Seller representation through real estate transactions.

Macarena was successful in this adventure and signed the Bi-Lateral agreement with NAR in 2006 for the country of Belize. She helped establish and was President of the first Real Estate Association in Belize. Additionally, she held the Vice President position of the Land Owners Association of Belize.

Her next opportunity to continue servicing her clients and the growth of the real estate industry was bringing Keller Williams to Belize. The culture of the company was a direct fit with her and her teams values. 

Keller Williams is also a top training company in all industries and is providing a technology platform for agents that is a leader in the real estate industry. As the leader of this organization, she has the opportunity to service more clients through her agent team. She is also able to add value to her agent team as they have a direct line to some of the worlds best real estate education, consulting and technology in the industry.

Belize Inland and Island Properties LTD is the brokerage operating in Belize where our agents work, learn, grow, fellowship, collaborate and most importantly represent our KW Culture. Our agent partners work with the brokerage to facilitate our KW Culture through real estate transactions, client services and community service where our beliefs encompass GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE.

Whether a Buyer in Belize or Seller in Belize, let Macarena and her team take care of your real estate needs in Belize.