Buying Belize Property

How to Buy Property in Belize

Working with our knowledgeable agents, you have a specialized KW real estate agent at your side at all times. With your trusted KW agent guiding you through the search and buying process, your goals and needs are the important factors that define how this part of the process unfolds.

Now you are ready to realize your dreams and goals for Belize. You have made it to the stage where you know you want to buy Belize property yet you may have a few lingering questions. 

Questions such as:

  • What are the steps in the process to own Belize Real Estate?
  • Who are the professionals I should expect to work with in the process?
  • How much closing cost should I expect to pay to close on a property and are there additional taxes I am responsible for paying as part of the closing process?

These are just a few questions that may or may not have crossed your mind. The most important part of this process is working with our Keller Williams Belize agency and one of our KW agents to guide you.

The process of purchasing property in Belize at a high level begins with an introductory meeting with one of our professional agents. Your agent will go over your wish list, personal needs and investment requirements. Your agent will lead the property search process based on your criteria. Upon finding the property that works for you, we will conduct the negotiations on your behalf to work towards a signed agreement. At this point you will work with a closing agent to facilitate the escrow and transfer process of the property.

Let us guide you through the search and the administration of the buying process in Belize. As professionals this is what we do everyday. We are the experts in the Belize real estate market and have a passion for helping buyers realize their goals and dreams. 

How can we be of service to you? Contact us.

For a detailed plan of approach, read our step-by-step below for more information. Each of these steps will be completely tailored to your needs and wishes. Any questions at any point? Do not hesitate to contact us!



During the intake meeting we will go over your criteria and wishes for your Belize real estate purchase. The area, the size of the property, the state of the property, you name it. We will take you through the process of buying property in Belize and further inform you of our services. 


No need to stroll the internet looking for your ideal property. We will look for a property that fits your criteria best. Online, but also through our extensive network too. Not only do we know where to look, but we have access to view properties before they appear on different housing sites. Let us get you to the right places!


Time to view the properties that meet your criteria. We will do a thorough investigation of the properties that peak your interest most, research the area and map out any additional investment information that might be required when buying the property. We will set up all your showings with the listing agent and assist you in all your viewings. We will make sure you receive a thorough tour and we get all your questions answered. 


Like a property? We will start the negotiation process and work on getting you the best price for the property. This starts with your KW agent drafting the offer to purchase and working with you through the details of your offer. Once you sign the offer to purchase, it will be presented by your KW agent to the sellers representative for consideration.


Once the offer to purchase has been accepted, we will contact your closing attorney and provide the required paperwork and details to begin the next phase in the process. At this point you will work directly with the real estate attorney. Your attorney and their staff will work with you to secure your deposit into escrow, complete the due diligence of the transaction, prepare all the legal documents required to transfer a property in Belize and facilitate the overall contract to close process. Your KW agent is always there for you and now you have a closing attorney. This team of professionals work together on your behalf to help you meet your goals of property ownership in Belize.


You are now the happy owner of a Belize property! Congratulations. First we will celebrate. Then your closing attorney will continue to stay in touch to ensure everything runs smoothly. It will take several months before the Belize Lands Department provides the hard copy ownership papers to your closing attorney. Do not worry, you are the owner of record from the closing date.  Your attorney will continue to work on your behalf to secure your ownership papers and get them to you. We will be here to assist you in every next move with your property.