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At Keller Williams Belize, our clients come first. When you choose us, you get the best and most professional in the business. We are committed to assisting our clients buy and sell Belize Real Estate. When purchasing Belize Real Estate or Selling Belize Real Estate, there are specific activities required for the legal transfer of property in Belize.

Keller Williams Belize guides our clients through this process and works in concert with the other professionals required to provide a successful Real Estate transaction in Belize. 

Choosing your agent in the process is the first step. Whether choosing an agent to help you buy Belize Property or choosing an agent to sell Belize Property, having an agent you can trust with a brokerage supporting that agent is key. 

Keller Williams is known as a top training organization in the world in all industries. Our agents are offered hundreds of hours of training per year upon which they can set their strategic professional development plan which intern translates to their professionalism as agents in the industry servicing their clients. 

As a client, you deserve the best!

Yes the property is the focal point in the sale, however there are many interactions, questions, personal situations, goals, dreams that lead up to the sale that require guidance. 

Our agents are met with questions such as:

  • How do I move my personal items to Belize?
  • Can I bring my car to Belize?
  • How to I bring my dog to Belize?
  • How do I bring my cat to Belize?
  • I am moving with children, where are the best schools in Belize?
  • Is there financing in Belize?
  • What are my land ownership rights in Belize?
  • As a foreigner, am I allowed to own property in Belize?
  • How do I become a Belize Resident?
  • What is QRP?
  • What are the property taxes in Belize?
  • Is there capital gains taxes in Belize?
  • What are my closing cost in Belize? 

Buying Property in Belize

Buyers of Belize Real Estate are attracted to how they see their quality of life unfolding in Belize. The Home in Belize, Business in Belize, Lot or Land in Belize is the foundation upon which dreams are realized.

Buying property in Belize is more than a real estate transaction. It's about plans and dreams that for some are goals realized over years of effort and personal sacrifice. It is a process that begins from the first magazine article on Belize that you may have viewed in a waiting room or that first vacation to Belize where you then saw yourself wanting to live in Belize, retire to Belize or invest in Belize.

It is never too soon to contact us to help you realize your Belize dream. 

Ready to find your dream home in Belize? Looking for land in Belize to build that perfect property? Are you interested in owning a resort in Belize or owning a business in Belize?

View our available properties for sale here! Belize Listings

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Selling Property in Belize

Selling Belize Property begins with choosing the best company to GLOBALLY Market your property to capture interest which leads to a sale. 

Belize Buyers are from all parts of the world which takes a team with a global reach to get the job done. Keller Williams Belize not only has a global reach for marketing purposes, we have over 180,000 KW associates worldwide who are our referral partners. 

Since buyers originate from different areas of the world, having a vast resource of associates within our own company gives us an even greater advantage over other agencies to get your property sold.

Learn more about the process of Selling Belize Real Estate here : Sell your Belize Property

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